Prescott E-News:    Is Rainwater a Viable Option?
The Daily Courier:  Seeds of Change
“Thanks for the excellent work.  I am amazed at the solution.  It all seems so sensible, yet it took quite a bit of thought and effort to get there.  Thank you very much.” --C.O., Prescott, AZ
The Prescott Valley Tribune:  Rain as a Resource
“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work on our home and property.  Indeed, the tanks & basins are full after this wonderful storm.  We learned so much and so appreciated all of your loving, hard work.  It is all so beautiful!” --M.B., Prescott Valley, AZ
“Thank you so much for participating in our event and conducting your workshop.  Many people enjoyed your talk and we sold out of all our rain harvesting books in the nature store afterwards!”--Highlands Ctr, Prescott
“You guys are changing this town, one tank at a time!  Your work is invaluable.”
--J.D, Prescott, AZ
“Just a note to let you know how thrilled we are with the performance of the upgrades you installed in our system. Our water is crystal clear in the house and everything is performing at peak efficiency. The pre-filter seems to be doing its job and with today's showers, we've noticed its draining as per design.”  --J.S., Williams, AZ