High Desert Rain Catchment is here to help guide you through the system design process.  Educational workshops and design consultations are valuable resources for creating your own system and, we also recommend  the following tools to help you get started.  Please call 928-308-5992 to order.
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This rain head is designed to filter water from your roof, preventing leaves, pine needles and debris from entering storage tank.  This high performance, attractive rain head improves quality of rainwater, increases system efficiency, and reduces tank maintenance.  Easy to clean & install.  Fits 3” PVC.  A must have for any rainwater harvesting system.  
$71 + shipping
First Flush Floating Intake Extractor
Please call to inquire about CorGal’s corrugated metal tank prices.
Above Ground Poly Tanks
     * U.V. inhibited resin used to manufacturer poly tanks. Tanks fight sunlight.
    * Polyethylene is non-corrosive and rustproof.
    * Polyethylene can be set right on bare ground that is flat, level, and void of sharp objects.
    * Tanks are available in dark green to blend in with the environment.
    * Meaningful warranties that include corrosion protection.
    * Tanks meet stringent standards of U.S. Department of Interior, USDA & FDA
Rainwater filter for small to mid-size systems where underground installation is desired.  Unique dual cascade filtration provides a high level of filtering efficiency, independent of flow rate, for roof areas to 450 m2.  Self cleaning, low maintenance filter provides continuous filtering of dirt particles to .55mm. Extension tube is adjustable from 250mm to 750mm and includes a lid that will support pedestrian loading.  Filter housing is frost resistant and made out of high quality, recyclable, PE plastic, with the secondary mesh made from stainless steel.
How Does it Work?
1: As rainwater arrives, the water level builds up until it over-tops the filter lip, providing equal distribution across the full width of the filter cascade.
2: Larger debris is removed by the filter cascade and washed downstream with a small amount of rainwater.
3: Pre-filtered water falls through the filter cascade and flows over a secondary filter sieve (mesh size 0.55 mm) removing the finer particles. Due to the special structure of the sieve mesh, any dirt is washed directly downstream making the filter self cleaning, with minimal maintenance required.
4: Cleaned water flows to the rainwater storage tank.
5: Dirty water flows downstream.
Rainkeeper Self CleaningVolume Filter
Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater
$614 + shipping
An air-filled ball suspends the floating inlet filter just below the water surface where the cleanest water resides. A high quality 1” diameter flexible hose allows for connection of the floating inlet to a pump or suction line.  Filter is made out of lead-free brass with a 1.2 mm stainless steel screen and a built in check valve.
$150 + shipping
First flush diverter keeps your tank clean by filtering out any sediment, debris or bird droppings that may have collected on your roof.  As water in the vertical chamber rises, a ball closes off the chamber and allows the clean water to enter your tank.  To use in conjunction with a rainhead filter.
$47 + shipping
Grundfos MQ Pressure Pump
The MQ is a self-priming multistage centrifugal pump. It self-primes from a well depth of down to 25 feet within a maximum time of five minutes. The MQ pump is also ideal as a water pressure booster from water storage tanks or from city water supply (maximum 45 psi inlet pressure).
The MQ centrifugal pump is built for long-life, trouble-free operation. It is made from weatherproof, corrosion-resistant materials and can be placed outdoors.
The Grundfos MQ makes it easy to select the right water booster pump. The MQ is an all-in-one unit with two models to choose from. There is no need to worry about a separate pressure tank, pressure switch, electrical connections, fittings or any other separate items. With MQ, it is literally a matter of connecting the power and turning on the jet pump. Installation of an MQ pump is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.  Call for more details and pricing.
Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged
Enjoyable, smart and instructional 108 page handbook on how to install your own rainwater harvesting system.  Everything from how much rainwater you can collect to trouble-shooting solutions.  Written by Richard Heinichen and Suzy Banks.  
$20 + shipping
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vol 1 & 2
Turn water scarcity into water abundance! These books show you how to conceptualize, design, and implement sustainable water-harvesting systems for your home, landscape, and community. They enable you to access your on-site resources (rainwater, greywater, topsoil, sun, plants, and more), give you a diverse array of strategies to maximize their potential, and empower you with guiding principles to create an integrated, multi-functional, and water-sustainable water-harvesting landscape plan specific to your site and needs. These books will help bring your site to life, reduce your cost of living, endow yourself and your community with skills of self-reliance and cooperation, and create living air conditioners of vegetation growing beauty, food, and wildlife habitat. Stories of people who are successfully welcoming rain into their life and landscape will invite you to do the same!  Written by Brad Lancaster
$20 + shipping
Above Ground Tanks
Underground Storage Tanks
We sell underground storage tanks for rainwater harvesting or other applications, ranging in size from 325 gallons to 1,700 gallons.  Please call for size and pricing.