Collecting rainwater is healing to our plants and our earth.  Our custom designed rain catchment systems allow you to harvest and maintain an adequate water supply while maintaining standards that do not promote insect and allergen growths. Rainwater catchment and greywater systems are not only more effective and affordable than drilling a well or hauling water, but also the water is much healthier for plants.  Our experience includes passive irrigation systems, pressurized pump systems with irrigation inter-tie, underground tank systems, earthwork systems utilizing berms & swells, and greywater systems with branch draining systems. We want to help you create a sustainable, clean water supply.
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Basic Above Ground System

This is a simple 1,100-gallon gravity fed rainwater catchment system located in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  This is one of multiple cisterns on the property, complimented with a native plant selection.  Underground Systems

There are tank options when creating an underground rainwater harvesting system.  On the left, you see two 1,700 gallon traditional underground tanks.  This water is used to irrigate a residential landscape.  On the right, you see a residential underground 7,000 gallon rainwater collection system.  As the water sits in the underground tank, it flows through a sand filter and EcoRain basket weavings which aerate the water, thus improving the overall health of the water.  This system is connected to an automatic irrigation system around the residence, and a patio has been built over the system.  This underground system creates multi-functional driveways, patios, parking lots, playgrounds and is ideal for commercial storm water management applications.  Tanks can be integrated into your natural landscape to create unique rock design, fencing and trellis work.  Slim Above Ground System Multiple Tank Connection Multiple tanks may be linked together to provide maximum storage capacity where space is limited.  This residential system connects two above ground 550-gallon tanks underneath a porch.  This is a simple gravity fed 620-gallon SlimLine Bushman tank designed to fit flat against walls to save space. It is available in several sizes and colors to blend in with your house.