Environmental Benefits
Rainwater will cushion users from fluctuating water-hauling prices, city rate hikes & ordinances, private well company policies, and home well dependency.
Using rainwater increases local biomass and shade, which in turn will decrease local heat domes.  
Using rainwater decreases the user impact on the local water table and encourages water infiltration.
Rainwater catchment is, Point of Source Production; it’s used where it’s created.
Capturing rainwater in cisterns and increasing soil infiltration reduces storm water run-off
Rainwater conservation provides a rich resource of soft, reliable & clean water for plant growth. 
Using rainwater allows for better watershed management by reducing local runoff.  Horticultural Benefits
Salt-free rainwater increases the uptake of nutrients by improving water retention.
Rainwater is free of toxins such as chlorine, arsenic, salts, and other groundwater contaminants.  General Benefits
State of Arizona Tax Credit for 25% of system cost, up to $1,000.  City of Prescott Incentive gives a .10 cents/gallon credit on municipal water bill.
1,000 sq. ft of catchment + 1 inch of rain = ~600 gallons of FREE WATER!
Rainwater increases the effectiveness of detergents, minimizes mineral build-up, and pipe calcification.
Stored water has sustained human populations in Arizona for over 1,600 years.